Ming Court

4/5 PickyRatings

The Langham Place Hotel in Hong Kong.  A member of one of the finest hotel chains in the world; and where there’s a fine hotel, there has to be a fine restaurant.  Well that’s exactly what the Ming Court is, a fine restaurant.  A winner of two Michelin stars, it brings Cantonese food to the finest level.  The Siu Mai has big shrimp eggs (bigger than others found on Siu Mais in the US).  It is soft and very good when you eat it, a perfect combination with red vinegar.  The Wu Gok is definitely something you should order while you’re there (we ordered three plates of it).  Everyone in our table was fighting to eat it.  The flaky batter surrounding the meat part is good to eat, but the main part is the meat part.  Another thing you should try is the Ha Gao.  If you have eaten a Ha Gao in the US, it’s pretty much the same.  The batter surrounding the shrimp is soft, and the shrimp itself is delicious, and not salty.  Also good with red vinegar.  But these are only the common Dim Sum items.  I don’t know if the rarely ordered items are good.


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