The Food Plaza

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You might not know it, but in the middle of a dense urban area, there is a very nice and exclusive restaurant.  Just travel up the steep hills of Hong Kong Island until you reach the Happy Valley Clubhouse of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

The Food Plaza of the Jockey Club is a self-serve restaurant.  There is a wide variety of fine foods to choose from, from Chinese to Italian cuisine.


The Food Plaza plaza.

As always, I order the prime rib there because it tastes like US steaks.  I also tried the Russian borscht soup.


Steak, corn, and soup.

My 200g prime rib already has excellent meat, and it tastes even better with the steak “au jus.”  However, don’t eat the corn that comes with it because it was somewhat stale.

The borscht does not have a true tomato or beet taste to it.  Could it be artificial?  Somehow it was still pleasing.

For dessert, I got the authentic Swiss-made Movenpick ice cream.  I picked the Swiss Chocolate flavor.  The ice cream tastes like true chocolate, and the little chocolate shavings mixed in with the ice cream makes it taste even better.

Sorry guys, I don’t have a picture of the ice cream.  But I do have a picture of the huge smoothie my auntie ordered.



I know what you’re thinking, “I want to try this restaurant!”

Well, get to know a Jockey Club member because only members can purchase the food there.


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