Australian Dairy Co.

5/5 PickyRatings

This restaurant, located at the heart of Jordan in Hong Kong, is one of the many Hong Kong style eateries in the area.

However, it stands out from the rest, which you may not know at first.

The outside of the restaurant.

The outside of the restaurant. It is the one to the far left, not the one with the white sign.

Special advice: When you walk in, find your own table.  Expect it to be a crowdy and noisy environment.

But when you order things there, you’ll be amazed at how good they are.  I ordered a milk tea there, and it was really good.

The restaurant is REALLY famous for its STEAMED MILK CUSTARD.  ORDER THE STEAMED MILK CUSTARD, made with egg white, sugar, and milk, steamed.  It might sound disgusting, but it actually is really good.  Everyone, from ordinary Hong Kongers to Hong Kong celebrities come and eat the steamed milk custard there.  Yes, I’m not kidding when I say Hong Kong celebrities come there, just to eat the steamed milk.


The very famous steamed milk custards.

The iced milk tea.

The iced milk tea.

So, if you’re a tourist, this is a good place to stop by and eat a snack.  And before you go, think about what you’re going to order (which is the steamed milk custard).

Well, everything is good to eat there.


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