The Food Place by Food Junction

3/5 PickyRatings

Located on level 3 at Raffles City, Singapore, a very good shopping mall designed for tourists.

This buffet-style eatery reminds me of a small cafeteria.  It’s a good place if you want to eat a light lunch or a heavy snack.  There are different stalls for each type of Asian food (e.g. Chinese, Singaporean, Korean).  You order your dish from the menu, and they actually cook it for you instead of taking a plate and putting food on it like in cafeterias.



It’s hard to decide what you want to eat.  There are a lot of good things.  I personally chose the Korean stall, and I ordered a plate of Korean BBQ beef ribs.  With that, they also gave me a bowl of authentic Korean soup and a bowl of rice.



One good thing about this place is that it is extremely close to the Swissôtel The Stamford.  We stayed there, and after we landed at the airport, we came to the Food Place to eat.  But a bad thing is that they don’t have fountain drinks, like Coca-Cola or Sprite.  So, in conclusion, this place could be better.

After you eat here, make sure you go shop at Raffles City.  It’s a haven of food, designer clothing, and much more.

Food Junction website:

Raffles City website:









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