Does Water Really Have to Be “High Class?”

When people see you holding a bottle of Fiji Water, people mostly think you’re rich.  Not because the bottle looks good, it’s probably because Fiji Water is really expensive and “high class.”  It’s just water though.  Just because the bottle looks good and it is really expensive doesn’t mean that it is high class.  If this were true, that means I could redesign an Arrowhead water bottle and make it super expensive, and it would be “high class.”  Let’s talk about Fiji Water, which is a big example of “high class water.”



It costs about $1.27 USD, which is already really expensive for a bottle of water.  It also comes from Fiji.  It probably costs so much because they have to process the water and then ship it to distant locations…

But again, it’s just water.  Nothing special.  However, Fiji believes its brand is so high class, here’s how far they exaggerate the brand.

Let’s take a look at their website.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 3.29.38 PM

On the right, you’ll see a thing that says “Earth’s Finest City Guide…” blah blah blah.  It actually is a guide to Dubai, telling you where to eat and stuff.  That doesn’t even make sense that they put it there, considering that it is a website for a water bottle.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 3.26.08 PM

You can even get silver sleeves.  Add some style to your bottle.  Waste tons of money.

Oh yay.  30% off.  It still costs $30 USD.

Oh yay.  It still costs $30 USD.  Ridiculous.

Here’s some other trash you can buy.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 3.27.36 PM

I suggest you read the description of the “FIJI Straw.”


No wonder why Fiji Water is one of the major money-making water brands in the US.  People waste all their money on these rubbish.