5/5 PickyRatings

This is an excellent place to eat Western food whether you’re a tourist who misses food back home or if you’re just a Singapore local who wants to take a break from all the satays and things like that.  It’s quite hard to find though.  Located right in the middle of the Gillman Barracks (which is hidden by tall buildings and large trees), you might need to perform a Google search to find this restaurant.  When we drove inside, we really didn’t think that a restaurant would be inside this former military quarters.

Gillman Barracks


Here it is!

You might not think there is anything special about this place.  However, you’ll be surprised.  The restaurant has a nice, cozy environment.  It made me feel like I was home in the US again.


Nice little “tuxedo” right there. Map at bottom

Wait until you start eating.  You will feel fortunate that you found this restaurant.

. . .

I started off with a lobster bisque.  It was really sweet, which was unusual (lobster bisque should be full of flavor).  That is how I like lobster bisque, but if you like lobster bisque with a lot of lobster flavor, then you shouldn’t order it.  But try it anyways!

Lobster bisque

Lobster bisque

You should definitely order the lamb rack for your main course though.  Even though it was really fatty, the meat tastes as good as the ones back in the US (and they are the best ones).  Always order it medium rare.  The tender, juicy lamb meat mixed in with the savory sauce will make your mouth want more.  Trust me.  You’ll like this lamb.

Lamb rack (Where's the meat)?

Lamb rack (50% fat) with “green” mashed potatoes at bottom

It is certainly a great new addition to Western cuisine in this small city-state.  Just don’t eat the fat when you’re there.

Disclaimer: Don’t forget folks, I am a lamb fanatic.

. . .

I hope you people enjoy my latest post (even though it’s really short).  You’ve been waiting for a post in all these months (or you maybe forgot about me).  Things have been really busy these days and I apologize for being out of the blogging world.


The Connoisseur Concerto

4/5 PickyRatings

No…we’re not talking about an orchestra…people these days…

The Connoisseur Concerto is a very large and prominent restaurant chain in the small but dynamic city-state of Singapore.  Even though they have limited choices on the menu, each meal will still fill you up.  The restaurants also have very creative drinks.  They taste pretty good.

When you go inside, you get the impression that it is a nice, contemporary coffee shop.  Basically, this place is equivalent to Starbucks, but instead they offer more food than Starbucks.


I started off with a Zesty Pumpkin and Pear Soup.  It was actually pretty sweet and good.  It tasted nothing like pumpkin, but that’s what I liked about it.


After that, I ate the Pan-Seared Fish with Lemongrass Scented Sauce.  I didn’t really like the “fish” though.  The reason why I said “fish” was because it wasn’t fish.  It tasted more like plastic to me.

Doesn't look like plastic...

Doesn’t look like plastic…

Try the other things I haven’t listed and or ranted about yet.  Besides, they do have a wide variety of drinks.  It’ll be a nice place to get one.


(FYI: The By the Bay restaurant isn’t where I went).



Straits Kitchen

4/5 PickyRatings

This restaurant is located in the Grand Hyatt Singapore on the famous Scotts Road.  I just found out that the dress code is smart casual, but I don’t think it matters.



This buffet, even though it is rated 4 PickyRatings, is actually really good.  It is my dad’s favorite.  You can eat many types of Asian food there, and every dish you eat will be good.  In this post, I’ll point out the good things I ate.

Wonton/ chicken noodle soup: The reason why I called it that was because they literally put wonton, noodles, and chicken broth (not cannned) together to make this soup.  It is so good.  It has a very authentic chicken broth flavor, the noodles are soft and round, and the wontons are delicious.  If you love wonton and chicken noodle soup, you should definitely try this!


You can also see them make your soup.  They used all natural ingredients, so don’t worry.

The chefs making my wonton soup

The chef making my wonton soup

Satays:  Not surprisingly, they also make good satays (Singapore is heavily influenced by Malaysia).  Add some satay sauce to your satay.  It’ll make it spicy, but without the spice (or the sauce), it is lacking in flavor.  The beef satay and the pork satay are my favorites.  The chicken satay wasn’t good- who wants to dip chicken in satay sauce anyways?

A beef satay not dipped in sauce yet

A beef satay not dipped in sauce yet

Soy sauce chicken: Speaking of chicken, you should try some soy sauce chicken if you want to try the Chinese food there.  It is very rich in flavor, although the meat is a little mushy (I think that’s how you cook it though).

My soy sauce chicken nearly enshrouded by rice

My soy sauce chicken nearly enshrouded by rice

Sadly (and strangely too), you can’t find any common ice cream flavors there at the ice cream booth (I mean strawberry, chocolate etc.).  They only have exotic flavors such as durian, and papaya.  But that’s what makes this place special.  I got some type of lemon sherbet.  It had a really tangy lemon flavor.

What a short spoon inside the bowl...

What a short spoon inside the bowl…

My pictures look so good…wait, what?  Oh yeah, I was writing a post…let’s get back to it…


So come try out this place.  For people who like Southeast Asian cuisine, it will be a meal to remember.


Grand Hyatt Singapore website: