Is it Plastic or is it Real?

“What are you talking about?” you may ask.  I’m talking about boba.



There is such thing as plastic boba.  It’s mostly made in China and Taiwan.  So, therefore, plastic boba is found in boba places in China.  My mom drank some boba once in Hong Kong, and somehow, she said it tasted like plastic.

My mom is somehow really smart.

There’s also plastic boba in the US as well, especially in LA.  I love boba, so I won’t be discouraged by some poisonous boba!  So here are the boba places I do trust:

Major chains.  I’m talking about Quickly (everyone should know what that is, it’s a worldwide chain), Lollicup (located in the US and Chengdu, China), Tea Station (okay, that’s a local LA chain 🙂 ), etc.  These places are most reliable because they must have real tapioca balls since if they have fake ones, they’ll go bankrupt.

A Quickly boba tea store in New York City.  Image from

A Quickly boba tea store in New York City. Image from

Lollicup logo.  Image from

Lollicup logo. Image from

Image from

Image from



That’s about it.

I don’t trust small local stores.  They probably buy their boba from the market, which might sell POISONOUS PLASTIC TAPIOCA BALLS :O !

So drink at your own risk folks.  Don’t choke on plastic boba.